Back Pain & Herniated Discs

Back Pain & Herniated DiscsBack pain strikes 80% of the population and is one of the most common reasons why people miss work. This situation also leads to significant mental and emotional stress, and for many, financial loss as well.

In addition to back injuries resulting directly from car accidents and sports injuries, back pain often develops after sitting for many hours in front of a computer in a bad position, pregnancy, driving long distances, and from lack of exercise. Emotional stress can also result in back pain.

Quite often back pain is a symptom of damage to the cartilage (the discs) between the vertebrae (spinal bones). These discs give stability to the spine, act as shock absorbers, and protect the nerves:

• If the discs are damaged in the lower back, common symptoms include burning pain, tingling, or numbness in the legs and feet.

• If the damaged discs are located in the neck, the shoulders, arms and hands are usually affected.  Many people take pain killers on a daily basis, which often have undesirable side effects. These painkillers do not address the root of the problem.

Back pain gets worse due to dehydration

Your spinal discs are mostly water and will dry out and break if you do not drink enough. Early signs of disc damage in an MRI appear as a loss of water in the disc. You’ll know your body is well-hydrated if the color and odor of your urine is neutral. To learn more about dehydration and back pain, see our blog.

Treatment of Back Pain

Chiropractic is very successful at treating back problems. With a thorough examination I can determine the source of the back pain and the problem can usually be treated gently without the use of traditional spinal manipulation or “cracking” of the back. In addition, Cold Laser Therapy, Vibrational Sound Healing, and specific back strengthening exercises will be part of the program.

Only YOU can solve a dehydration problem by drinking more water on a regular basis.

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