How Chiropractic Works

Your spine and nervous system are the center of your health and well being. Why? In order for you to be healthy and pain-free, your body must regenerate on a daily basis. It has been scientifically proven that within one year, 98% of your body can renew itself completely, provided that the messages that direct normal regeneration are received by all of your body’s systems. It is your brain that instructs your body how to regenerate and keep it healthy. This information is sent via your spinal cord and nerves that are located in your back, from the bottom of your skull to your tailbone. This highway of information located within your back, from the brain to the body, must be kept unblocked at all times for you to feel well and pain-free.

Stress and trauma to your spine from physical injuries as well as mental and emotional stress disrupt the normal communication that allows your body to regenerate normally. This disruption can lead to many problems that affect your health and your life. Most often when this happens, you experience pain as the body sends you a “warning” that something is wrong. This “warning” may be a headache, neck or back pain, leg pain, wrist or arm pain, numbness, or insomnia as your nervous system is being affected. Bad posture is also indicative that a problem is present. Most often the damage to your nervous system is reversible if you take care of the problem on a timely manner.

As a chiropractor, I specialize in finding the areas in your nervous system that are blocked along this communication pathway and remove them, painlessly and without medications or surgery. Once communication is restored again from your brain to your body normal function returns, posture improves and your pain disappears.

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